Earning maximum profits is an ultimate goal for you and any other entrepreneur. No one goes into business to make losses. However, for your business to achieve these goals you need effective strategies. This saying is universal across all businesses whether you are selling cosmetics online or another product. If you seek expertise pieces of advice, you will be told about having a perfect website, defining your niche and effective marketing can help you earn profits when selling products online. In fact, there are different websites where you can choose a template and customize it according to your business idea, this will make it easier for you to create your own online store. If you want to know more about this, click here.

Even though it is from public knowledge that there are a lot of advantages when selling online, what most people do not know are which ones are the best strategies to apply in order to maximize profits. That is why here are the best strategies that expert never talk you about:

Mind the size of your price tags

As you know, cosmetics are among the most expensive products that every lady always sacrifices to purchase. Due to this, sellers avoid attaching a price tag on cosmetics they display on their stores. According to them, the customers will buy more of these cosmetics as they will order them only to realize their prices at the points of sale.

However, if you want to become a leading seller with the highest number of abandoned carts, apply this strategy.

In contrary to this myth, customer attaches quality of a product to its price rather than its appearance. As such, you should ensure you’re the price tags of the cosmetics you are selling online are visible.

Giveaway samples

Have you ever heard the phrase “send a thief to catch a thief?” You may be wondering how selling cosmetics online relates to this phrase. No need to worry. The idea behind this phrase is that you need to give away a sample to make sales. People like trying new cosmetics entering the market. But, how do you offer samples when selling online? The answer is it is possible.

You can request your customers to purchase a cosmetic product they are familiar with and send them a sample of newbies you want to introduce to them.   Through this, you will have given them an opportunity to try new products, if they like it, it will become part of their shopping cart. As such, you will have earned an extra coin.

Develop a magic triangle

When displaying your products on the online store, one secret that would help you to maximize your profits is through applying the magic triangle strategy. As you know, cosmetics are packed in different size bottles. Development of a magic triangle involves arranging your cosmetic bottles in a group of three placing the tallest and most expensive in the middle.

This way, you will attract the customers’ attention on the middle bottle as they will think it is the most effective due to its price. When selling cosmetics online, you can use this strategy to display your products using the background video or slideshows.

Combine three related cosmetics

If you are a good observer or you operate a brick and mortar cosmetic store, you can confirm that ladies do not purchase one type of cosmetic. Most of them buy at least a combination of three cosmetics for lips, facial and skin. With this in mind, you can maximize your profits through selling cosmetics in a fold of three.

For instance, you can combine lipsticks, eye-pencils, and moisturizers and offer them as a batch. Through this approach, it will be easier to sell more pieces than you would if you offered them individually. Hence, you will boost your total returns.


In summary, applying the above four strategies can guarantee you high profits when selling cosmetics online. If you are an entrant or a veteran in the cosmetic business, now you have a guide to profitability.


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